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Mining in the dark during times of loneliness


I have another remedy for loneliness!

It was during my lonely times that I had the time to mine talents from deep within myself.

I had no idea when I married and began the journey toward adulthood and through adulthood that God had given me so many talents. Now, wait a minute. I don’t have talents because of anything I have done. When God fashioned the one an only me, He placed some “jewels”- a little “gold” here and some “silver” there deep within my being.  Growing up, I never recognized them, except for two – sewing with a bit of creativity tucked in.

So when Miss Lonely came to visit me and I experienced her presence for the first time in my life, I was living in NY. We had moved out of state, half way across the nation. I was ALONE! One day I took myself out for a stroll around the darling town of Ballston Spa where we had found an apartment, a place to live while my husband worked in Schenectady.

So— I strolled past a ceramics shop. Eyeing the display in the window, I decided to step in. Oooh. I was immediately hooked. The village ceramics shop became my go to place. It was there that I recognized how much pleasure it gave me to create. Watching a white piece take on color and be transformed excited me. I couldn’t wait to decorate my house and give away gifts. I met other women. Miss lonely be gone.

That experience led me to understand something about myself and others. We all have hidden talents. It is up to us to mine them from within and bring them out to the light where they will shine- giving us purpose and others joy.

Over the years I’ve pulled many “jewels” out from within. Today I am going to share one with you:

I realized I had a problem, three problems actually!

Problem #1- Too much yarn to justify going to the store and buying more. Get rid of this mess first. crochet project 003

Problem #2- My “make-up” bag is ripping apart.

crochet project 001

Problem # 3- I need a new make-up bag!    

So…I gathered my yarn scraps and crocheted a new make- up bag. In so doing I began the very necessary chore of clearing out and cleaning up this mess of yarn.

Voila!   A new fancy make up carry all to put inside my purse. Yipee.crochet project 002

What have I learned through my bouts of loneliness?. God took those times and ancouraged me to come forth as gold. I like that I can do “stuff”‘ I am not the best at what I do, but it gives me satisfaction, saves me a bit of money here and there and God has used these talents He gave me to build a bit of confidence into the heart of His daughter.

Look within, You may be amazed at what is hidden inside your heart and mind.

Next week I am going to show you my summer project! I cant wait to let you in on it.  


Van Walton

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    I have a problem keeping your blog in my e-mail. Guess the devil doesn’t want me reading them?? Can you please resubscribe me. I keep all of my contacts in my address book, but I tend to keep losing yours after a while. Please resubscribe me

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